7 Beauty Products You Didn’t Get For Christmas And Still Need

November 11, 2016

If you ended up only getting about 25% of the things you asked for this Christmas (and 100% of the things you didn’t gift certificates to Walmart are a cause for concern, not a present), that doesn’t mean you have to give up your quest to obtain all the items you want. It’s not your fault no-one took your alphabetized, color coordinated wish list into consideration.

One thing in particular that everyone probably royally screwed up on, re: buying you presents, is beauty related shit. Like, dad, is it really that embarrassing for you to walk into Sephora? I’ve managed to shop at Best Buy 7 years in a row for you, even after I learned that nothing good ever happens at a Best Buy. (Thanks, Serial!)

Here are the best beauty gifts that you were basically robbed of this year, and still need/should buy. Be greedy as fuck, you gentile American, you. That’s what Christmas is all about.

1. Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Eye Palette, $75

Bobbi Brown is never not an acceptable gift. The black in this palette is sooooo opaque, it would make Taylor Momsen sob.

2. Foreo LUNA Facial Brush, $199

Anyone over 25 needs to start thinking about anti-aging skin care in strategic ways. A pulsating facial brush is a solid place to start.

3. Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Almond Coconut Milk Luxe Body Collection, $75

Honestly, it’s so rude that you didn’t get this.

4. Oribe Gold Lust Collection, $97

How could you not be thankful and feel blessed to receive luxurious hair care from the people you love/mostly hate?

5. Dr. Jart The Book of Masks, $39

Knowing that you’ve been binge-watching “How To Make a Murderer”, these creepy sheet masks should have been a present shoo-in. Apparently your friends and family can’t take a hint.

6. Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000, $300

Is a $300 hair dryer worth it? Can you put a price on a perfect, highly fuckable blow-out? If no, then yes.

6. Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator, $54

Takes the work out of applying foundation, which I fully, 10000000% support.

7. Nars Fantascene Eye Set, $39

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