Bone Broth: An Ancient Dish With Incredible Health Benefits

November 1, 2016

When it comes to health, I think most of us are ready and willing to try solutions that might seem a little, well, out there in other circumstances.

I dont know about you, but when Im feeling truly lousy, Im pretty open to out-of-the-box solutions, from relying on shark cartilage to help improve psoriasis, to healing a bad cold with a whole clove of garlic.

The latest unusual treatment that has us sitting up and taking notice? An unconventional remedy to cure what ails you: bone broth.

Back in the day, most people made their stock for soups and stews out of bones and leftover bits of meat, but that practice has mostly fallen out of favor in an age where we can all just pick up whatever we need at the grocery store.

Now, however, the old-fashioned tradition is picking up new steam as a lifestyletrend incorporated into all sorts of diets, and given credit for myriad fixes to poor health.

Check out a few of our favorite ways to use this unconventional broth below!


What Is Bone Broth?


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Bone broth is a savory soup or stock, not really that different from the broth you can buy in the store.

The difference is that bone broth is made by roasting bones that are rich in marrow, and then simmering them with vegetables to create the flavorfulliquid.

For people who find the idea of cooking with bones a bit gross, just remember, this is a long, long tradition.

Back in the day, everyone made their own bone broth, and the flavor is quite a bit like any other kind of stock.

How Do You Prepare It?


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Fortunately, the basic formula for bone broth is pretty simple.

You can use any kind of animal bones for this broth, though beef bones can take longer.

You may roast the bones first, or simply set them simmering.

Use a Crock-Pot to simmer the bones with vegetables and seasonings, if desired.

A good basic recipe can be found here, and you can change and adapt it as desired!

How Do You Take It?


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How you decide to take bone broth really depends on your own tastes and needs.

Lots of people drink a steaming hot cup every morning, like a cup of coffee.

Others might drink it before every meal, to settle the stomach.

Still, others may drink it only a few times a week.

To figure out which balance is right for you, try drinking it once a day for a week and see how you feel.

After a week, you can adjust your balance accordingly to figure out what makes your body feel best.

Benefit #1: Seals Leaky Gut


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This one sounds a little bit odd, but bear with us.

One of the best-known benefits of bone broth is to help heal “Leaky Gut Syndrome.”

This little-known ailment has been suggested by doctors as a cause for all sorts of nutritional and digestive problems.

Some wellnessexpertstheorize that the gelatin in bone broth can help shore up the walls of the gut and prevent digestive issues.

Benefit #2: Accentuates Your Beauty


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Bone broth may also lead to an even more beautiful you! After all, looking good starts from the inside out.

A nutrient-rich diet packed full of vitamins is a great way to ensure glowing skin, luscious locks, and a general sense of harmony.

Bone broth is loaded with collagen, the awesome protein that some folks pay big bucks for in anti-aging skin and hair treatments.

Benefit #3: Rests You Up


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You’ll sleep like a log with a bellyful of bone broth.

The glycine that you find in bone marrow absorbs into the soup. From there, the glycine helps to soothe the brain at nighttime, promoting a healthier sleep cycle.

As an added bonus,Shape says it may also improve memory!

Benefit #4: Protects Your Joints


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If you’re anything like me, your knees, knuckles, and various other joints are starting to give you some trouble.

If your joints give you pain, the answer might be a daily dose of bone broth.

A lot of joint pain is prompted by deteriorating cartilage in your joints, but bone broth can help regenerate the cartilage.

That way, your joints can stay strong and healthy for longer.

Benefit #5: Saves Money


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And perhaps the best benefit of them all? Drinking bone broth will save you money!

For one thing, you’ll never need to buy store-bought stock again.

For another, all your leftoverpieces of meat, plus theodds and ends of veggies, can go right into the broth pot, making the most efficient possible use of your groceries!

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