The 5 Strangest Ways Women Are Using Breast Milk In Their Beauty Routines

February 5, 2017

Giving birth to a child is, for many women, the be-all and end-all. Its their purpose in life, the great joy that brings meaning to them at 5 pm on Sunday nights, when everything seems impossible and scary.

Well, you know whats scary to me? As a person who hasnt yet pushed babies out of my body (I know, I have a real way with words), its the idea of watching myself change after internallyhosting a human is terrifying.

Even more so is the period after birth, in which as far as I can tell new mothers just nurse their stitches and drip breast milk gently onto little Caden Aiden Smiths head.

Breast milk? More like everybodys milk, if the internet has anything to say about it.

While researching the procedure, I stumbled across a wealth of granola mom blogs that advise using breast milk for pretty much every ailment known to man.

If the human body produces it, it cant be that harmful at least, thats the claim. These barefoot mamas use their human juice for pink eye, deodorant and the like.

Its important to note that there are multiple schools of thought about breast milk all opinions formed with the greatest compassion. Many people believe breast milk should exclusively be used to feed children, whether its their own children or those of women who cant lactate.

That noted, these are the beauty tips of women who do produce enough breast milk to use it for extracurricular activities:

Acne Treatment

Oh, were you treating your pimples with plain old Neutrogena? Thats not enough for many mothers suffering for acne.

The treatment works because the milk has antibacterial properties, making it a solid choice for clearing up your trouble zones. Simply smear it on and wait, or sleep with it on your face (assuming you dont mind gooey pillowcases in the morning).

Face Wash

You heard it hear first, folks. If you have an abundance of milk, put it to use as a face wash.

The milk reportedly has anti-aging properties, as well as the aforementioned ability to clear up blemishes.

Apply the milk directly to your face, and rub gently in the same manner you would with an oil cleanser. Then rinse with water and pat dry with a towel.

If youre truly dealing with angry skin, cut the milk with a tablespoon of honey. It has antibacterial properties as well, and its a cult favorite of the internet beauty community.

Body Soap

What, youd rub breast milk all over your face but not your body? Breast milk soap is actually popular enough to be sold by relatively major businesses, and by that, I mean Etsy businesses.

One particular shop that I found, SpeckledMilk, accepts submissions of your personal breast milk the kind thats slightly past its use-by date before mixing it with gentle ingredients like coconut oil and olive oil.

The owner recommends saving a bar of breast milk soap for your own children to use someday.

Deep Conditioner For Hair

Oh yes, we went there. Long-haired ladies have been known to pour raw eggs, peanut butter and the like on their locks, so theres no reason to get queasy now.

A blogger named Curly Nikki recommends embracing the fats and protein found in breast milk, using it as a treatment (the longer it sits, the better the results) for shine and strength. She even notes dramatically cutting down on frizz.

The Infamous Facial

Much to my chagrin, the breast milk facial has begun to pick up viral attention once again.

The treatment, which substitutes breast milk for cows milk in a beauty treatment to clear up stressed skin, first saw media attention in 2015. Its the brainchild of Mud Facial Bar, a spa with location in both Boulder and Chicago.

Its picked up speed again thanks to none other than weatherman Al Roker, who Instagrammed a poster advertising the service while visiting Colorado. Heres betting Roker didnt actually get the facial.

Would you ever use your breast milk to beautify your skin, assuming you had extra? Let me know in the comments.

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