This 61 Year-Old Man Will Completely Change Your Views On Aging

October 24, 2016

The thought of getting older is something most of us try to avoid on a daily basis. Our inherent fear of ageing is why the global anti-aging market is predicted to be worth over 190 billion dollars by 2019, according to Transparency Market Research. That’s more money than most third world countries have in their economies, and it’s all spent for the sake of looking younger. Recent advancements in medical technology have already proved to be effective at improving the lives of millions of people around the world, which means that it might only be a few more years before we’re all able to live past 100 and still feel like we’re in our 20 s.

For former Chinese businessman, Liang Xiang, the thought of getting older has given him the motivation to adopt a healthier lifestyle . The 61 -year-old from Chengdu, South China embarked on a life-changing training regimen ten years ago and recently became an internet sensation because of his chiseled physique. It’s not the first time we’ve seen seniors defying stereotypesabout old age, but Liang Xiang’s tale is particularly remarkable because of all his accomplishments since starting his strict diet regimen.

His dedication has allowed him to participate in the grueling Dakar Rally that involves racing in motorbikes, quads, vehicles, and trucks over some of the most unforgiving terrains on Earth. He’s also embarked on several intense expeditions overseas, and even inspired his son to take over a similarly healthy lifestyle.

Liang Xiang used to run his own lighting business in Chengdu, South China.

He operated the business since 1991, then decided to retire in 2000 to pursue his passion for rally racing.

He was well-known at his local gym, where he trained for several hours a day.

His youthful physique might be impressive, but he says he didn’t get into physical fitness for the vanity.

He just wanted to pursue his dream of becoming the oldest Chinese driver in the Dakar Rally.

His son, Liang, pictured on the left, has furthermore participated in rally races with him.

He eats seven meals a day to preserve his rock-solid abs.

Liang Xiang is living proof that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

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H/ T: LifeBuzz | People’s Daily Online

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