Use Red Wine To Refresh Your Skin With This Simple DIY Face Mask!

October 29, 2016

Like most women, Im always looking for ways to simplify my beauty routine.

Thats why I love any basic additions to my beauty regimen that will cut out other steps later. For example, Ive gotten around my contouring woes by employing this simple spoon hack for my makeup.

But while this technique is a great way to speed things along in the morning, the ideal beauty hack is one that creates less work by simply eliminating the need for as much makeup, by improving your skin health overall.

Thats why I cant wait to try out this genius trick created for by Ellie Kodia, the genius beauty blogger behind the YouTube channel Ellko, who brought us this brilliant mermaid hair hack.

Tapping into her beauty guru knowledge, Ellie creates a simple, effective anti-aging facial mask, made entirely out of ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now, like honey and egg whites.

But the ingredient Im most excited about? Red wine!

I never knew that everyones favorite go-to grown-up drink is actually chock-full of antioxidants that help to refresh and revitalize the skin. Plus, as Ellie points out in the video, nothing goes better with an at-home spa treatment than a glass of wine!

Learn how its done in the video below.

And if you cant wait to crack open a bottle and mix up your own batch of this rejuvenating mask, please SHARE on Facebook!

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