Black Ginger Extract Improves Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Satisfaction, in New Pilot Study

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Results from a new pilot study1 published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine indicate that a Kaempferia parviflora ethanol extract, KaempMax( Life Extension; Fort Lauderdale, FL ), may improve sex gratification and performance. In the study, KaempMax improved self-assessed sex health in middle-aged men experiencing mild erectile dysfunction.

The study authors write that sex health correlateds with overall wellbeing. And, while there are existing drugs that purport to enhance male sexual health, like Viagra, many of those products may come with adverse side effect, or simply be ineffective for some men. They add that, increasingly, erectile dysfunction is also considered an early sign of cardiovascular cancer, and may even precede the development of adverse cardiovascular events like heart attacks.

According to the researchers, various preparations of Kaempferia parviflora, a plant in the ginger household, have been shown to support cardiovascular health and potentially also improve erectile function. A 2012 study2 conducted in Thailand found that K. parviflora rhizome extract improved erectile reply in older men. With this in intellect, such studies writers sought to evaluate whether KaempMax could provide a safe and efficacious non-prescription alternative to more common drugs targeting menas sexual health.

The primary endpoint of the current study was to determine KaempMaxas effect on erectile function, which was determined via the International Index of Erectile Function( IIEF ). The secondary aim of the study to decide subjectsa sexual satisfaction using the Global Assessment Questions( GAQ ). In the study, researchers supplemented 13 humen between the ages of 50-68 with 100 mg KaempMax for 30 days. Researchers assessed subjectsa sex health parameters once at baseline, and then at the end of the 30 -day study period.

According to the authors, supplementation with KaempMax resulted in astatistically significant improvements in erectile function, intercourse satisfaction, and total scores on the IIEF questionnaire.a KaempMax was also be considered to be safe and well-tolerated.

While the effects of KaempMax supplementation were encouraging, “theyre not” as pronounced as the findings from prescription drugs, say the researchers. However, most of the study participants reported being satisfied with the results. They add that additional, longer, and placebo-controlled clinical trials will be needed to more fully determine Kaemp Maxas efficacy for improving erectile dysfunction.

Richard A. Stein, PhD, MD, and the studyas lead writer, commented on the results in a press release. aThis exciting new pilot examine lends support to traditional Asian medicinal uses of K. parviflora for male sexual function, a he told. aWe “re hoping that” these findings will spur larger trials exploring the potential of K. parviflora extracts to enhance menas sexuality lives.a

Added Andrew Swick, PhD, senior vice president of product development, Life Extension: aResults from our study together with those previously published suggest that K. parviflora extract may benefit male sex health and offer an option for those trying nonprescription alternatives.a

1. Stein RA et al ., aKaempferia parviflora ethanol extract improves self-assessed sexual health in humen: a pilot study ,” Journal of Integrative Medicine. Published online May 26, 2018.
2. Wannanon P et al ., aEfficacy assessment of Kaempferia parviflora for the management of erectile dysfunction, a Online Journal of Biological Science, vol. 12 , no. 4( 2012 ): 149 -1 55

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: A http :// herbs-botanicals/ black-ginger-extract-improves-erectile-dysfunction-sexual-satisfaction-new-pilot-study

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