This herb, may be in many regions in China, can reduce high uric acid levels and prevent gouty arthritis

( Natural News) Straying cudweed( Gnaphalium pensylvanicum willd .), an annual herbal plant that is widely distributed in many areas of China, can help reduce high uric acid levels and oppose gouty arthritis, according to a study published in the periodical BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

The study, which was carried out by a squad of researchers in China, looked at the ability of the wandering cudweed to treat hyperuricemia and acute gouty arthritis in a mouse model. Hyperuricemia is referred to as the high level of uric acid in the blood, and it is a critical causal factor for the development of many illness, including gout.

In the study, the research team induced hyperuricemia in mice utilizing potassium oxinate, while acute gouty arthritis was induced by hypodermic injection of 10 milligrams( mg) of monosodium urate( MSU) crystal suspension in paw edema model. After that, they administered straying cudweed extract to the mice to measure the plantas anti-hyperuricemia activity and xanthine oxidase inhibition.

Researchers found that the extracts from wandering cudweed prevented the production of uric acid and reduced paw swelling. The reduction in the uric acid level in mice with hyperuricemia was due to the regulation of urate transporters, including urate transporter 1( URAT1 ), organic anion transporter 1( OAT1 ), and renal glucose transporter 9( GLUT9 ).

Researchers also found that wandering cudweed extracts exhibited renal protection. Furthermore, they found that the main active components of wandering cudweed were 13 caffeoylquinic acid derivatives and one flavone. These phytochemicals both played a role in the inhibition of xanthine oxidase activity and exhibited anti-hyperuricemia properties.

Therefore, wandering cudweed extracts reduced high uric acid levels and prevented gouty arthritis by increasing uric acid excretion and repressing xanthine oxidase activity and pro-inflammatory cytokines secretion. Based on the findings of the study, the research squad deduced that wandering cudweed extracts could be considered as an effective therapy for hyperuricemia and gout.

Other natural treatments for high levels of uric acid

Here are other natural redress that may help you control high uric acid levels 😛 TAGEND

aC/ Apple cider vinegar- Apple cider vinegar runs as a natural cleanser and detoxifier. Because of its malic acid content, it can help dissolve and get rid of the excess uric acid from the body. Apples alone contain malic acid, which can be an alternative for apple cider vinegar. To use as a natural remedy, mix one teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Drink this every day.

aC/ Lime- The citric acid may be in lime can help break down uric acid. Drinking lime water at the least two times a day can help remove excess uric acid.

aC/ Berries- Dark-colored berries have flavonoids called anthocyanins which help lessen inflammation and stiffness.

aC/ Tomatoes and bell peppers- Tomatoes, buzzer peppers, and other foods rich in alkaline can also help in balancing the acid levels in the body.

aC/ Celery seeds- Celery seeds contain high sums of omega-6 fatty acids and other diuretic oils. Due to its potent diuretic properties, it can be used to help cleaning the body of excess liquids by encouraging the kidneys to remove the uric acid. In addition, celery seeds alkalize the blood and reduce inflammation in the body. Eating half a teaspoon of dried celery once a day will help. Just remember to drink plenty of water with it.

aC/ Fiber-rich foods- Eating more foods rich in fiber, such as oats, bananas, and grains, can help control uric acid levels in the blood. This is because dietary fiber absorbs the excess uric acid in the blood and helps remove it from the body.

In addition to the natural therapies for hyperuricemia, acupuncture can also assist normalize uric acid levels and reduce the risk of gout and kidney damage.

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