10 Things Your Pharmacist Wants You To Know

1. Don’t store medication in the bathroom.

The bathroom is probably the last place in house where you should keep your medication–especially your pills, tablets, or capsules. Why? Because the moisture and extreme temperature changes can weaken your drugs or cause your drugs to spoil before their expiry dates. You’re better off maintaining your drugs on your nightstand or in a kitchen cabinet away from the stove. Just make sure when grandkids arrive visit that drugs are stored somewhere safely away and out of sight.

2. Don’t flush drug down the toilet.

With the exception of certain pain drugs, most drugs shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. Many drugs do not break down altogether in water, and traces of drugs have been detected in drinking water as a direct result of flushing unused medications down the toilet. Here’s what you should do:

Some pharmacies have drug take-back programs that allow you to return expired or unused drugs for disposal. Maintain in intellect you are able to return most drugs, but not controlled substances. Also, Food and Drug Administration( FDA) has some great tips about how to get rid of old drug here. Pain drugs that contain hydrocodone or other ingredients related to opium are flushable. You can see a list of drugs that the FDA says are safe to flush here.

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