How To Tell If You’re A Highly Sensitive Person( And What To Do About It)

Embracing our sensitivity can make it a strength instead of a weakness

” Up to 20% of the population are considered to be highly sensitive. High sensitivity isnt a psychological weakness, but is an innate traitthe brains of highly sensitive people are actually wired differently to others”

Psychologist Elaine N Aron coined the phrase the Highly Sensitive Person, and has been researching sensitivity since 1991. She is a pioneer in such studies of sensitivity and has written widely about it.

People across the globe are relating to her identification of this innate trait of sensitivity and her run please open hope for those who felt they didnt fit in to the world today, to feeling valuable, unique and to accept themselves and their sensitivity. Elaine N Arons work is revolutionary and visionary. It has created widespread acceptance and understanding of the positive and life-affirming traits of the Highly Sensitive Person, who feels things more profoundly than others and are more sensitive to the environment.

So what is a Highly Sensitive Person?

Highly Sensitive People have nervous systems that are more sensitive than others and they process things more deeply. As a outcome, they pick up on more information from the environment than the majority of the population.

Highly sensitive people 😛 TAGEND Notice and referred to by smellings , noises and bright lights( highly sensitive people often dont like the Tv on in the background, or being around people with strong incense) Pick up easily on the emotions of others Feel overwhelmed by busy days and long to do listings Opt a meaningful one-on-one talk to speaking with big groups or attaining small talk Are strongly affected by caffeine, alcohol, narcotics, drug and herbs Enjoy their own company, in fact they need down period by themselves to recover from the busy-ness of the world Tend to burn out and develop chronic conditions like chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia Have a rich and deep inner life Were often described as sensitive as a child Appreciate creativity, arts and music Get overwhelmed and overstimulated in shopping centres and supermarkets Are intuitive and empathetic

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