Make An Herb Drying Rack With Nothing But A Cheap Old Painting

Nothing is better to add to your delicious home cooking than herbs like thyme, oregano, and parsley especially when they’refresh.

You can grow your own fresh herbs, as with this adorable hanging herb gardenbut the colder it gets outside, the harder it is to keep your plants thriving.

Michelle from The Painted Hinge likes to dry her herbs in her enclosed pantry to keep them away from any dust but leaving the herbs on her shelves created a messy problem.

Every time she tried to get something else off the shelves, she’d bump into the herbs and they’d break into tiny pieces and scatter all over the place.

She decided to create this cute DIY project to make a place out of the way for her to hang her herbs up to dry, where they would look pretty but also get plenty of air circulation.

To create her brilliant herb drying rack, Michelle started with a thrift store find: a mass-produced painting from the 70s.


She started by stripping the painting from the wood, as well as any laminate or paper from the wooden frame.


She then attached a wire rack to the frame using liquid nails to keep it in place.


Michelle then pressed the pieces of wood into the liquid nails on top of the wire, clamped it in place, and let it dry overnight.


The next morning, the liquid nails were dry and she was able to remove the clamps.


Michelle then used caulk to fill in any gaps between the wood and wire.


Once the caulk dried, she painted the wire and the wood a crisp white.


She then used antiquing wax to give the wood and the wire an aged look. Once it dried, she further distressed the frame and wire using sandpaper.


Once the wax dried, she was able to start hanging her herbs on the rack!


She hung the drying rack in her pantry to dry herbs and flowers from her garden.


Who knew an old painting could be used to create such a stunning cooking accessory!


Be sure to visit The Painted Hinge for more brilliant DIY projects from Michelle!

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