The DaVinci IQ is a cyberpunk vaporizer with a nice depict

The sky above the port is a possibility the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel, but in most hacker dens its usually all psychedelics and healthy snacks. And what better route to partake in your favorite psychoactive substances than with a true cyberpunks vape?

The DaVinci IQ is a black slab designed to heat herbs to temperatures between 230 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. A grid of bright LED illuminations embedded into the suit present the present route heat signature that can be set between one and four or temperature. A separate app lets you further control the decideds by designating various configurations to various situations. Ultimately a boost mode gets the most out of the herb as quickly as possible.

The $ 275 IQ looks like a futuristic stun gun or AI cartridge and the entire package is self-contained and cleanable. It includes a removable, rechargeable battery and takes a charge via a micro-USB port on the body. It comes with two tops a flat top and a liquid tip that looks like a straw. Both run equally well although I favor the straw-like one. The IQ also has a Flavor Chamber that can hold dry herb. The vapor passes through the dry material but it is not heated. The believing is that this dry herb lends more flavor.

Im not a regular user of any herb including tobacco but Ive tried a number of these high-tech vapes over the past few months and observed this one to offer a superior describe and slightly more flavor. Whereas previous vapes like the Pax ended up with smaller plumes of vapor and less flavor the IQ regularly offered enough vapor to inhale and ultimately feel.

The battery lasts about 40 minutes on a charge but recharges quickly. It takes about 30 seconds for the unit to heat up fully. I especially liked the ceramic button that pushes the herb down into the vaporize. This lets you pack things nicely and induces for easier cleaning. The spent material can be pulled out in a little plug.

The bottom line? I get really high with the IQ. Ive tried a number of vaporizers this year and this one consistently rendered the most and most flavorful vapor. It is also the most securely designed. Other devices have small caps that can slide off. The top and bottom of the IQ remains solidly in place even though it is held down with merely powerful magnets.

The look, feel, and utility of this cyberpunk smoking machine make it quite unique and quite usable. It is also the first vape that I could savour and feel very vibrantly. After all, being hacking in through layers of deadly black ICE takes its mental toll and its nice to have something we can use to unwind.

img_6 128

Boxes show the different “heat paths”

img_6 125

Stuff goes in here

img_6 126

The longer adapter

img_6 121 -2

The LED readout

img_6 123

The standard adapter

img_6 124

Metallic ceramic

img_5 997

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