Transform Your Old Musical Instruments With These One-Of-A-Kind DIY Upcycles

If you’re anything like me, you accumulate a lot of junk in your home.

Thankfully, there are a million ways to turn unused items into awe-inspiring DIY projects like with these incredible ideas for embroidery hoop upcycles.

Andwhen I sawthat I could give my junked musical instruments a second life via upcycing, I knew I wantedto try it out.

My childhood dreams of being a rock star may be over, but that doesn’t mean I can’ttransform my old, brokeninstruments into rock-star-worthy pieces of furniture and art.

Crafty DIY-ers around the worldhave created everything from modern speaker systems, to home bars, to flower boxes with just a few unusedinstruments and some imagination.

Scroll through below to see just how creative these DIY-ers have been with their instrument upcycles.

Which of these DIY undertakings doyou like the best? Let us know in the comments!

Christopher Locke of Heartless Machine blends the old with the modern by transforming old trumpets into DIY speakers, with a holding docket for your iPhone.

Instead of throwing away an old piano, hollow out the interior to create this breathtaking office work space.

The piano pedals also allow a comfortable spot to rest your feet while working.

Blogger Skaie Knox shares this incredible instrument sculpture designed by friend Benjamin Bullinson her blog, Home Jelly.

Benjamin is a Louisiana native and his one-of-a-kind pieces reflect those deep jazz influences.

Old horn instruments make gorgeous DIY growing spaces for your flower box. The rusting metal adds a vintage touch to an ordinary mini garden.

Chelsey at DIY Budget Girl hollowed out an old guitar she found at the local flea market and transformed it into an adorable shelving unit.

She recommends deconstructing the tuning head before cutting through the guitar’s wooden base.

Etsy user “skramstadprimatives” repurposed an old keyboard into a funky necklace holder the perfect gift for your music-loving friends.

This craftsman created a stunning staircase from two discarded upright pianos for his client: a cellist with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

Jacob Jelen found the perfect use for his old drum kit a totally unique bookshelf.

Turn a forgotten Steinway grand piano into a gorgeous mandala, like Philadelphia-based artist Carol Cole did.

Transform a junked guitar into the perfect spot to grow herbs and spices.

Etsy user “foxdesignsjewelry” makes gorgeous bracelets out of recycled guitar strings, so you just may not wantto throw yours in the trash.

Artist Christopher Curnan creates breathtaking art from discarded and deconstructed pianos, and works in a variety of mixed mediums.

If you’re looking for a new place to store your bar, look no further than this incredibly user-friendly repurposed piano.

A colorfully painted trumpet lends a “hippie-inspired” touch to your backyard or patio.

Paul Villinski creates stunning awe-inspiring worksof art like this burnt DIY guitar piece.

Instead of junking old instruments, give them a second life by upcycling them into imaginative pieces of furniture or artwork.

What old instrument doyou have lying around the house? Let us know in the comments.

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