21 Ordinary Things That You Can Attain Extraordinary With Metallic Spray Paint

While scrolling through pages and pages of shiny, pretty things on Z Gallerie’s website one day and wondering which of my organs I could part with to afford them, I noticed a trend.

The stuff that usually catches my eye is shiny, metal, and only reflective enough for me to see my own screaming face as my money disappears right before my eyes. Pleasant! Fortunately for me and everybody else in my barge that’s usually floating on a ocean of human tears, online crafters are here to save the working day is again. With a few cans of metal spray paint, you can severely up the glam factor in your home without defaulting on your mortgage.

1. Hey, I can afford branches. So can you! Rummage through your yard, slap on some gold spray paint, and put these babies in a vase that you probably stole from your grandma’s house.

2. You’re about to get your friends feeling nice and distorted when they see that you’re so fancy, you gild your pears.

If you follow the link above, you can also get some insight into which metal paints are the best!

3. Does anyone else hoard Mason jars? Give them new life with some silver metal spray paint!

4. Speaking of jars, this makeover is basically the best thing I’ve ever seen.

5. Use spray paint to take that antique table from drab to fab in mere minutes!

6. Once the kiddos grow up, give that old magnetic alphabet a seriously glam upgrade.

7. Make party adornments with gold spray paint and straws that are route cuter( and route cheaper) than anything you’d find at the craft store.

8. Repurpose coffee cans with a touch of copper to generate the most adorable herb planters of all time.

9. Not into the red and green Christmas motif? Me neither. Dedicate adornments a heaping helping of luxury by gilding them up, girl.

10. If you’re impression extra( which is my default setting ), indicate your fan no glittering mercy.

11. No money for new chairs? No problem. Spray your old ones into shiny oblivion.

12. Use stencils to generate geometric designs on coasters for a modern touch.

13. Paint your hangers if you’re stuck using a free-standing garment rack in lieu of a closet.

14. I can’t be the only one who decorates with candles that’ll never, ever insure a flame. Make a sweet ombre consequence to attain them next-level gorgeous.

15. Take the brick you usually use to smash open your piggy bank when it’s rent day and spray paint it gold to attain a sick bookend( that you can still used only for the piggy bank situation if need be ).

16. Pick up some little toys from the dollar store, glue them to jar lids, and paint them to give your desk storage a facelift.

17. Upcycle all those wine bottles you’ve collected since you started drinking your feelings.

18. Rubbermaid drawers are awesome. You know what else they are? Hideous. Make them less hideous so you can live like a packrat in style.

19. You could pay $40 and six kidneys for gold mugs from Anthropologie, or you could make them yourself.

20. Ditch glass gems and fill your vases with painted beans. Coffee and pinto beans should do the trick!

21. Steal a few landscaping pebbles that your neighbour probably paid good money for, whip out some spray paint, and attain everyone jealous of your chic centerpiece.

I don’t know about you, but I’m about to get my Midas on. If you give any of these projects a try, let us know in specific comments!

Nothing in my apartment is safe. Nothing.

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