8 facts about Wakanda, the futuristic home of Marvel’s Black Panther

August 2, 2017

Wakanda is one of the most advanced countries in the Marvel Universebut few people seem to have actually heard of it, let alone seen it.

Fans first got a very, very brief glimpse of Wakanda in a post-credits scene of Captain America: Civil War, but they were left with more topics than answers about the fictional African country. With King TChalla finally making the big screen next February in Marvels highly anticipated Black Panther, its period for a crash course in the deep history, technology, and invaluable resources.

8 fascinating facts about Wakanda

1. It has ancient origins

More than 10,000 years in the past, Wakanda was home to a network of ancient civilizations and small tribes. Then, one day, a giant meteor crashed in the middle of the country and started a power struggle over the rare material held inside of it. Eventually, a human named Bashenga took charge and became the first king of a united Wakanda, which is located in Northeastern Africa.

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2. In some versions, Wakanda is concealed from the world

Since Bashengas reign, the country has become highly independent and largely detached from outside influences. In some versions of the tale, the country is literally hidden behind a giant wall and no one is allowed to enter. In others, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, its viewed as a third-world country.

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3. Wakanda was merely subdued once

For over 10,000 years, Wakanda remained one of the only civilizations in all of Africa, and the world, to not fall victim to the invasion of foreign powersbut that doesnt outside forces-out didnt try. That was attained perfectly clear in Reginaldf Hudlin and John Romita Jr.s run in the comic book series. Their take over the tale included amazingly violent scenes from various time periods when potential conquerors tried to cross Wakandan perimeters with ill intent only to meet a tragic end( largely slaughtered) by way of 1,000 flying lances or backfiring guns.

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Sadly, every undefeated streak comes to an objective. After centuries of fending off all outside menaces, Wakanda fell victim to invasion by a horde of Skrull during Marvels Secret Invasion arc and was only defeated when TChalla and his then-wife Storm worked together. After the first successful intrusion in centuries, many Wakandans questioned TChallas abilities as a leader.

4. Wakanda has style better tech than the U.S.

After Wakanda closing its borders to outside nations, Wakanda developed its own superior technology thats nearly impossible to hack. If considering the flying vehicles and futuristic skyscrapers Black Panther trailer isn’t enough, it should be noted that Wakandas worked without the use of fossil fuel and been operating in space long before the United States or the Soviet Union ever even dreamed of it.

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5. Wakanda has insurmountable wealthand universal healthcare

Vibranium is one of the two strongest and rarest minerals in existence.( The other is adamantium, which is the metal that was fused with Wolverines skeleton .) As far as the rest of the world knows, getting your hands on a small Vibranium rock is a miracle on its own. However, Wakanda is home to an entire mountain made of it called the Great Mound.

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Due to this wealth of resources, Wakanda is considered to be the most financially sound country in the entire world. Local leaders trade small amounts of it at a time for thousands of dollars and do their best to keep its full existence a secret from those who would like to take advantage of it. This helps the country have completely free education, universal healthcare, and metropolitan areas that look like they came out of The Jetsons.

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