CNN made a reporting mistake, and Trump unleashed cloudburst of insults on Twitter

December 21, 2017


CNN made a reporting mistake on Friday, and on Saturday morning, President Donald Trump predictably employed his Twitter account to explosion the cable network.

CNNoriginally reported Friday that some in the Trump campaign, including Trump and Donald Trump Jr ., were sent an emailthat contained a link to a website that was filled with hacked WikiLeaks documents and a decryption key to decipher them. CNN reported that the email had been sent Sept. 4, 2016, in the middle of the presidential campaign and about a month before WikiLeaks released the damaging John Podesta emails.

But the Washington Post reported that CNN got the date incorrect, writing that the email to the campaign had been sent Sept. 14, after the website was already publicly known.

CNN subsequently corrected its tale and sent this tweet.

But that wasn’t good enough for Trump, who routinely assaults CNN for what he calls “fake news.” Predictably, Trump blasted the network on Twitter on Saturday morning.

Trump is referring to Ross, the ABC News reporter who was recently suspended for an incorrect report considering Michael Flynn and when he contacted Russian officials on behalf of the administration.

Donald Trump Jr. also took aim.

CNN is standing by its reporters, and a spokesperson told CNN’s Brian Stelter there will be no discipline for Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb because they followed the network’s editorial process for sourcing. The network also reportedly believes the sources who worked with Raju and Herb were simply mistakens and not malicious in devoting the network bad information.

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