Devote The Gift Of Food This Holiday Season With These Tasty Treats

April 15, 2017

We all have that one person on our Christmas list that is just impossible to shop for.

On my listing, that person is my father. He likes to say that Christmas is just another day and that it has the emotional appeal of watching paint dry, so you can imagine how incredibly difficult it is to pick out gifts for him.

While my father couldn’t care less about Christmas, he LOVES to eat. So instead of purchasing something that he won’t use, I’m going to fill his belly with vacation cheer this year. If you still have a question mark next to someone’s name on your listing, check out these 20 gift notions. They’re all 100 percentage edible, and they’ll turn any Scrooge into a jolly old Saint Nick.

1. Give them their favorite cookie recipe in a jar.

2. Warm their heart( and their belly) with these decorative soup mix adornments.

3. Your friends and family won’t be salty if you give them their very own jar of homemade caramel goodness.

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