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August 28, 2017

Even with the best intents, everyone eventually tells or posts something dumb on Facebook. With 1.32 billion people hiring the site every day, the chances of making a legendary mistake are exponentially higher. At least there’s always a captive audience waiting to laugh when you screw up.

Don’t worry. No matter what you’ve done it’s likely not as bad as these cringeworthy Facebook fails.

The 20 best Facebook fails of all time

1) When Facebook fails itself

While some Facebook users have attained complete ass of themselves, either through laziness or hubris, it’s important to remember that sometimes it’s Facebook that fails. Imgur user jamoheehoo posted this photo only to discover Facebook had a racist blind spot in its facial recognition. We’re most impressed that facial recognition believed the subject was capable of cloning himself.

SPTAG 1 TT SPTAG 2 TT Photo via Imgur/ jamoheehoo SPTAG 3 TT

2) Celebrity grandma

Everyone embellishes aspects of their life. Perhaps you say you came in second in a high school race or had more dates than you did. The style to sneak a lie past someone is to be clever, so if you’re going to brag about your Grandmother’s military service make sure none of your friends assured her in combat on ABC television.

SPTAG 4 TT SPTAG 5 TT Photo via Imgur

HTAG 4 TT3) God is a comedianHETAG 4 TT

This modern-day Lott attained most significant misstep of boasting about being under the protection of the almighty. God may appreciate your dedication, but he’s a comedian, and apparently, it was time to exam out a new set on this believer’s auto. Hopefully, God sent free AAA their way.

HTAG 5 TT4) Beware your DM inboxHETAG 5 TT

The problem with scumbags is they expend their days looking for opportunities to be scumbags. This user learned the hard way while trying to inspire her feed. Man, under no circumstances should you ever send a dick pic to person you’re not already in some kind of relationship with. And even if you’re in a relationship, never send one that isn’t asked for.

HTAG 6 TT5) God blesses the SwissHETAG 6 TT

This meme has circulated Facebook and the email forwards of particularly talkative uncles for years, but never has it been shut down so viciously than by Drew Shekler. Shekler, a Swiss citizen, explained exactly what builds Switzerland different from us. The world he describes voices incredible.

HTAG 7 TT6) No one is more barbarian than your motherHETAG 7 TT

They say a lawyer should never ask a question in tribunal they don’t know the answer to, but the same can be said for people whose mothers are on Facebook. Being embarrassed by a parent is nothing new for most children, but few experience the WWE-level body-slamming from their mama quite like this particular progeny. They’ll be feeling this burn well into Thanksgiving.

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