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This is a transcript of an interview between Janet Pfeiffer and Australian medical journalist, Emma Fahey.

Interview Part #1

Subject line: Cure Your Hemorrhoids Forever

Body: If you’re seriously interested in curing your hemorrhoids – without drugs or surgery – this is an interview you shouldn’t miss. It’s between hemorrhoids authority, Janet Pfeiffer and Australian medical journalist, Emma Fahey.

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Here’s a copy of the first half of the interview below.

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Emma Fahey: “Janet, another journalist here has called you The Queen of Hemorrhoid Cures – that’s quite a title. Why did you write Hemorrhoids Saviour?”

Janet Pfeiffer: “Back before the days of the internet (makes me sound ancient, I know), there was very little information available about hemorrhoids. At least, not for the general public – those actually suffering from the complaint.

“There was a certain amount of information in medical journals and the like, but this always dealt with surgical and drug treatments – not with any of the natural hemorrhoid treatments.

“And, because hemorrhoids is one of those subjects people simply don’t like to talk about and find so embarrassing, so many just suffer in silence. If you look in any bookshop among the hundreds of health publications, you won’t find a single volume about hemorrhoids – it’s even too embarrassing to buy a book of this kind over the counter.

“Now, while the internet has certainly opened up a previously taboo subject and provided a confidential means for information, it’s also been a medium for the spreading of a lot of misleading and inaccurate advice.

“I wrote Hemorrhoids Saviour to help set the record straight, correct these common inaccuracies and provide a real, scientifically proven means to cure hemorrhoids without drugs or surgery.

EF: “Can you tell me about some of the myths – can they actually be harmful to your health?”

JP: Yes – some can be harmful. Others have been shown to have no effect whatsoever, which means you are wasting your time and money taking them, when you could be using much more effective (and proven) treatments.

“To give you an example, I often read that taking senna to relieve constipation is one of the best ways to cure hemorrhoids.

“Firstly, this assumes that constipation is the cause – which it may not be.

“Secondly, even if constipation is a contributing factor (which can often be the case – though it’s rarely the sole cause), senna is the last thing anyone should be taking. Very few up-to-date natural health professionals recommend this herb. It was popular many years ago, but has now been shown to cause dependency and other side-effects.

“If you are bothered by constipation, there are other herbs and natural supplements which are far more effective without any of the negative attributes of senna. Recommending senna is a serious error made by many well-meaning but ill-informed sources on the internet.

“I often also read that bananas are one of the best fruits to relieve both constipation and hemorrhoids. I love bananas – they’re a great source of potassium and many other nutrients, but they’re also one of the driest fruits on earth. Have you ever tried juicing a banana?? If you find them helpful, keep eating them, but there are many much more effective fruits and vegetables to help relieve hemorrhoids and constipation.”

EF: “How much is diet a part of curing hemorrhoids – can you cure hemorrhoids with diet alone?”

JP: “Everyone is different – there is no blanket approach which will cure everyone’s problem, simply because there are a variety of causes of hemorrhoids – and many people find they need to address several areas of their health in order to cure the problem. That’s why I recommened a holistic treatment program.

“But to answer your question more specifically, if the sole cause of your hemorrhoids is constipation, you may find it can be cured by following the simple dietary guidelines I recommend in Hemorrhoids Saviour. This is not a diet as such, but simply tells you which foods to eat more, which to eat less, which to avoid, etc. Also, some foods should not be eaten in combination with other foods. By making these simple changes, many hemorrhoids sufferers find that their digestive systems improve, their constipation is gone, they no longer strain to use the toilet, and their hemorrhoids shrink. It really can be that simple.”

EF: “From listening to you on the radio when I drive to work, I often hear people calling and saying that they have a good diet, but they’re either still constipated or still have hemorrhoids. Why is that?”

JP: “Yes, this is very common. In order for your digestive system to properly break down the food you are eating and utilize the nutrients – with the least strain possible on your internal organs – you need an adequate supply of enzymes. Without enzymes and certain other nutrients, much of what you eat may not be properly absorbed and digested by your body.

“There are certain foods and supplements which can greatly assist your digestive system in this process. Most hemorrhoid sufferers experience a vast improvement when they make these adjustments.”

EF: “What if you don’t have constipation – can hemorrhoids be cured if this is not the cause?”

JP: “Absolutely. There is always a cause for hemorrhoids. Another of the myths I often read is that somtimes they don’t have any cause. I’ve interviewd at least 10,000 people during my career – and I’ve always been able to identify the cause of their problem, whether they have hemorrhoids or some other colon or stomach related disorder.

“Where hemorrhoids are concerned, weakening of the veins is another major culprit. This can have many causes – lifing heavy objects, strain of pregnancy and birth, straining to use the toilet, sedentary lifestyle, excessive sitting – there are many.

“When you strengthen these veins, they are able to return to their normal size and elasticity, and that’s the end of your hemorrhoids.”

EF: “How easy is it to strengthen the veins – can someone with advanced hemorrhoids really be helped?”

JP: “It’s surprisingly easy. Several natural supplements have been the subject of many clinical trials – they have proven more effective than drugs and placebos for reducing pain, swelling and bleeding. And, unlike many drugs and creams, they haven’t shown any side effects.

“Even advanced, long-tern hemorrhoids have been shown to respond to this treatment.”

EF: ” What if your doctor recommends surgery?

JP: “Say No – a really big No – at least until you have tried the alternatives.”

In a few days, I’ll be sending you the second part of this interview – Say No To Hemorrhoid Surgery. It’s a must read.

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