‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ features Comic-Con’s nuttiest foreigners yet

January 10, 2018

SAN DIEGO Seeing new and original things at Comic-Con are growing increasingly rare. With Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Luc Besson’s sprawling sci-fi passion project that’s precisely a year from release it’s all new.

And it seems interesting, expensive and perhaps spectacular.

Set deep into the 2300 s, Valerian is a weird, alien-infested space epic based on Valrian and Laureline, a French comic book series created in 1967 that follows a pair of government special spies in space. Most of the film takes place on Alpha, a clustered community of thousands of species living in relative harmony.

Or so it seems.

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Aside from a teaser and a few photos , no one has seen what The Fifth Element and Lucy director has been at work on as of late. After some introductions including concept art from Alpha the moment Hall H was waiting for arrived: the first extensive footage anyone has seen from Besson’s big-budget gamble.

Despite that shooting wrap just five weeks ago, with months of postproduction work to go, they unspooled seven minutes.

The footage played big in Hall H, and included 😛 TAGEND

Valerian( Dane DeHaan) negotiating a metal hallway in his powerful exoskeletal suit.

Laureline( Cara Delevingne) overwhelming two guards who had arrested her, then tackling a trio of aliens.

Valerian and Laureline landing their ship and then emerging garmented as tourists.

A sprawling city scene that leads us into a cantina populated by bizarre aliens and humen, too.

Ethan Hawke, a space pimp of sorts, resulting Valerian into a room with Rihanna.

A bulky vehicle racing across a desert( believe Fury Road) with a giant Pokmon-looking monster chasing after them.

Valerian and Laureline, still in their tourist “disguises, ” returning from their mission being chased by a small army of aliens.

A montage of ogres, foreigners, landscapes and action snippets.

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