32 Charts That Guarantee You Wont Have a Bad Hair Day Again

December 27, 2016

We’ve all been there. You wake up believing it’s going to be a great day and then boom, your hair decides to abruptly change those plans by having a life of its own.

Well, hair desperation no more, my friends! There’s a chart for that…


…from big hair to bobs.

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Figure out how to not overdo it with the styling products.

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The right curling iron is essential.

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Know your curls!

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Got curly, frizz-prone hair? Tees work better than towels.


Master these five basic braiding techniques for all sorts of styles.

See? Tress stress , no more.

Stunning Painting of the Obamas That Will Give You Relationship Goals

Although we will never know how it feels to be president, its safe to presume its not exactly a chore you can leave at the office at the end of the day. Its stressful. Its dangerous. Its the most public stance in the world, and years in the White House can age youquicker than one would like.

It also places a lot of stress on the first family. You know how you get stressed out at work and take it out on your significant other? Now imagine that you are the president.

Thats why its so neat that, after 23 years of matrimony, the Obamas still have that spark. The proof is in the pictures

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