It’s Probably Time You Learned The Difference Between BB And CC Cream

When I first heard about BB cream, I thought it was a brand. Then I found out it was actually a thing a lot of different brands were pushing, and for good reason.

BB cream is the foundation( no pun aimed) many of our beauty routines have been built upon, and has saved this generation from the caked-on makeup look of our ancestors.

But then I found out about CC cream, and for a while, I assured it as BB creams cousin, but I didnt ask a ton of questions about what the hell its for, or why I should even try it.

Garnier SkinActive BB Cream,$ 8, Amazon

But these have become such a huge trend, I felt like I needed to do some research before my next journey to Sephora.

I set out to really discover the differences between these three alphabet creams, so we dont fall into the trap of buying up something we ultimately dont want, or employing something that could be counterproductive to our nearly perfected beauty routines.

BB Cream

Most of us are familiar with it already, but if youre not, you can start celebrating your discovery of this modern beauty miracle now. BB cream is a light foundation with a creamy texture, like a tinted moisturizer. It first made waves in Korea, and the trend spread to the USA like wildfire.

So what does it do? BB stands for beauty balm, and the cream is basically the perfect matrimony ofmakeup and skincare.

Its thought of as the best tinted moisturizer to ever be invented. Its packed with SPF, so as it moisturizes, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays.A illuminate layer is all you need for full coverage because a little goes a long way.

What builds it unique? BB cream provides the least amount of coverage out of all the alphabet creams. Its meant for a younger female whose skin needs a pick-me-up, but doesnt have a whole lot of problem areas.

My fave BB cream on the market: Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow.


Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow, $29, Amazon

Not only does Marcelles BB cream include all the skin-smoothing benefits of a regular BB cream, it provides the skin with a barely-there radiance that doesnt look too made up.

It gives you that just-after-a-facial luminescence.

CC Cream

While CC creams are lighter than BB creams, they actually offer more coverage. CC stands for colouring correcting, and this cream is designed to target areas of redness or dullness, where the skin is more uneven in tone.

While CC cream does have all the benefits of a BB cream, it adds a few perks. First of all, it improves the scalps elasticity, while encompassing and avoiding any dark spots from appearing on the skin.

Its packed with Vitamins C and E, which act as powerful anti-aging ingredients withthe SPF to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

If you suffer from acne, constant redness, uneven skin tone, or are looking to cover up fine lines and wrinkles, CC cream is what you want to go with.

My favorite brand of CC cream is SupergoopsDaily Correct CC Cream.

With an SPFof 35, it comes in three self-adjusting tints so it works for a variety of skin tones. Its also infused with fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6, to neutralize discolorations and blotchiness, and minimize inflammation. Goodbye, face-bloat!


Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream, $32, Amazon

One helpful route to categorize these two creams is to think of them in terms of age groups.

BB cream is for younger women in their teens and early 20 s, while CC cream is for those in their late twenties and 30 s, who are starting on or are already intopersonalized beauty regimen.

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